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From here, you can browse from our available adaptors and extension leads.

All of our adaptors and extension leads are hand assembled and fully tested for safety. Every item will come with a laminated A5 printout of the PAT results you can keep in the car.

Our extension leads come supplied with a heavy-duty 1″ / 25mm wide velcro strap with pull tab allowing you to keep the leads neat and tidy.

All prices shown here are inclusive of VAT at 20% and you’ll receive a VAT invoice along with your order.

Our bundle packages

Bundle packages provide a collection of items at a discounted price compared to buying each item individually. You can build your own custom bundle to match your exact requirements.

Bundles are available for both the legacy Gen1 UMC and supports the full 11kW three-phase power, and the newer Gen2 UMC supplied with all new Tesla cars. We supply bundles using both the Standard industrial CEE Commando plugs and sockets and our own fully waterproof and space-saving Compact range of adaptors and extension leads.

Our range of adaptors

We offer two ranges of adaptors, a standard one using 16A 3-phase (red) and single-phase (blue) industrial connectors, and a smaller Compact range. All our adaptors from both ranges interconnect with the Tesla 16A 3-phase red adaptor for Gen1 UMCs and the Tesla 16A blue adaptor for the Gen2 UMC. One of these is therefore required to connect to any of our adaptors and extension leads.

The Compact range

Our Compact range offers a smaller, fully waterproof and easier to manage set of adaptors compared to the Standard range.

If you have a legacy Gen1 UMC, our Compact Red UMC adaptor is required to interface to the 16A 3-phase red Tesla Gen1 UMC connector which is also required.

If you have a Gen2 UMC, our Compact Blue UMC adaptor is required to interface to the 16A blue Tesla Gen2 UMC connector which is also required.

Compact Bundle packages

Compact adaptors

Compact extension leads

Other types of extension leads

Following popular demand, we have added 32A single-phase extension leads for use with the 32A blue UMC connector and can also provide some heavy duty UK extension leads for use with the Tesla-suppled 3-pin UK plug adaptor.

Please note however that both of these types of leads are incompatible with our adaptors.