The Tesla UMCs

As of May 2019, Tesla has now started shipping cars with a new Generation 2 UMC (Universal Mobile Connector). All EU Model 3 cars also come with this new UMC.

The older Gen1 UMCs have a captive pigtail lead coming out of them, going to a proprietary connector.

The newer Gen2 UMCs do not have a captive pigtail lead. Instead, the proprietary connector is part of the actual UMC unit.

The proprietary connectors differ between Gen1 and Gen2 UMCs are are not interchangeable.

Xavelec provides adaptors for both types of UMC as well as a Compact connector system that can be used with either UMC with the corresponding adaptor.

The table below lists the specifications and highlights the key differences between Gen1 and Gen2 UMCs.

The charging speeds mentioned are approximate values and will vary, but offer a reference point.

UMC TypeGen1 – Model S and X cars till May 2019Gen2 – Model 3, S and X cars from May 2019
16A Single-phase – 4kW – 10mph / 16km/hYes – with Xavelec adaptor, no Tesla adaptor availableYes
32A Single-phase – 7kW – 20mph / 32km/hYesYes – with optional 32A Blue commando Tesla adaptor
Part number 1104948-00-B
16A Three-phase – 11kW – 32mph / 50km/hYesNo
Phase inversion correctionManual, requires Xavelec phase inversion adaptorAutomatic, no adaptor required
Adaptors provided by Tesla32A Blue commando, 13A 3-pin plug16A Blue commando, 13A 3-pin plug
Adaptor required for interfacing16A Red commando, NOT provided by Tesla, must be purchased separately16A Blue commando