Nexans Titanex H07RN-F cable

All of our Compact and Standard extension leads and adaptors use Nexans Titanex H07RN-F cable. This choice has been made following an extensive test of cables from various manufacturers, and we believe the Nexans version offers the highest flexibility and quality whilst keeping overall diameter and weight to a minimum.

Full specification:

Conductor materialBare copper
Conductor flexibilityFlexible class 5
Insulation and outer sheathSpecial cross-linked elastomer
Number of cores5
Conductor cross-section2.5mm²
Minimum / maximum outer diameter13.3mm / 17.0mm
Approximate weight297g/m
Rated Voltage Uo / U (Um)450 / 750 V
Voltage drop, single phase14.0V/
Permissible current rating in open air31A
Silicon freeYes
Chemical resistanceAccidental
Flame retardantC2, NF C 32-070 & IEC 60332-1
Operating termperature range-25 – 55°C
Minimum operating bending radius – static / dynamic51mm / 102mm
Maximum conductor temperator in service90°C
Oil resistanceYes
RoHS compliantYes